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Barcode Express

Compatible Windows 7,8,10 et 11

Professional Barcode Software

Barcode Express is a professional software designed to create and print individual barcode labels and barcode sheets.

Barcode Express is easy to use program, it can be used by everyone regardless of their level of IT literacy.

Select a code type, enter one or more numeric values (values to encode in barcode) and print your barcode sheets in just a few clicks.

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free demo v1.10
For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Single System License : 39.90 USD
Site License : 99.00 USD (1)

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License without time limit
No monthly or yearly subscriptions.

free demo v1.10
Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  Buy Now  
Single License : 39.90 USD
Site License : 99.00 USD (1)

License without time limit. No monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Software Features :
  • Barcode generator : automatic generation of barcodes from numeric and alphanumeric codes,
  • Printing of barcode sheets by choice of different parameters :
  •            -label sheet type and format : choice of number of columns and rows, format A4, A5, US letter or roll
               -number of codes to print,
               -barcode size,
               -incorporation of a title, comment,
               -paper format and orientation,
               -choice of the number of columns,
               -colors of barcodes and other elements,
               -positions and sizes of each element,
               -print quality.
  • Possibility to save created barcode image in different file formats (png, gif, jpg, tiff or bmp)
  • Easily generates barcode list using code series generator,
  • Import data from Excel and Open-Office files to create barcodes in list,
  • Saving data for later use,
  • Provides facility to copy and paste generated barcode at different Windows Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...)

(1) You will quickly receive your code or download link after purchase.
Your purchase entitles you to email support and free updates for a period of one year after purchasing.
License without time limit : on the same system for "Single license", on any device for "Site license".

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1-Do I need a special printer to use Barcode Express?

No, Barcode Express is a barcode printing software designed for create and print barcode with common printers (standard inkjet or laser printers and roll printers).

2-On which operating system does the software work?

The software works on all versions of Windows (Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/10/11, 32 and 64 bit)

3-Is it possible to enter the codes with a barcode scanner?

Yes, the entry can be done with a handheld scanner, but this device is not essential for the use of the software.

4-Does the software allow you to generate series of codes?

Yes, the software has a barcode series generator module, allowing to create series of several thousand different codes ready to print in one click. It's really a barcode generator.

5-Is it possible to save the sheets in PDF format?

Yes, you need first install a PDF printer software. This type of software simulates a printer. To export in PDF format select the PDF printing software from the list of printers, through the Options/Printing menu, then start printing normally.

6-Can I use a thermal printer with roll labels? If so, how to configure the software?

Barcode printing is possible on roll labels. This only requires checking "Roll of labels" and entering the label size by the options settings. The settings will be automatically calculated.

7- Barcodes do not display correctly, instead of the barcode letters, numbers or blanks are displayed.

This happens when the installer has not been able to install the fonts for the barcode display (especially when the user account does not have sufficient rights). To fix this issue, go to the application folder, then to the FONTS folder (usually C:\Program Files()\BarcodeExpress\FONTS) and manually install the 2 fonts in this folder: select a font file (.ttf) then right-click > Install.

8- I don't have Excel on my PC, can I still use the import function from a spreadsheet?

Yes with Open-Office Calc. This is a free software equivalent to Excel, it is part of the Open-Office suite. You can download and use it for free from

9-Is it possible to copy a barcode to use it in another document (Word, Excel, Power-point...)

Copying the barcode is possible from the main window: right-click the barcode, then select "Copy Barcode" before pasting it into the document of your choice.

10-How to design a list with different barcodes on the same table to label different products?

This barcode label creator provides different possibilities :
-import your codes from an Excel file (through the Multiple Barcode/Import from Excel menu)
-use the tool integrated in the software (Multiple Barcode/Create Data sheet) and use the code series generator
-enter your codes manually directly into the table, through the Multiple Barcode/Create Data sheet menu
The detailed instructions for each of these functions are available in the help section of the software, through the Help/Help Contents menu.

11-Will the software evolve? Are new types of barcodes being added?

Yes, new functions are being studied, including the addition of new code types.

12-Can we get the futures updates for free?

The new versions are available free of charge for 1 year from purchase. After one year, new versions are chargeable, but you can of course continue to use your version of the software without having to pay anything.

If you have not found an answer to your question see other help topics, or contact technical support

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